Globally applicable application identifiers for Intelligent Transport Systems


Registrations of ITS-AID are done so far by three preliminary registrars, i.e. IEEE RA (for USA and Canada), and ISO (for the remaining world).

In order to request allocation and registration of a number for a new ITS application object, please contact us.

On the ISO Standards Maintenance Portal a registration template with guidelines is provided.

The previously maintained informative view on currently assigned values is deprecated due to ISO-internal rules. ISO TC204 is working towards an official registration authority for C-ITS globally unique parameters. For this purpose, currently EN ISO 17419:2018 is being split into a two-part document, of which part 2 will contain

So far there is no agreement amongst the members of TC204 on essential details of this future C-ITS registration authority.

Since March 2017:

A general overview on allocated numbers for globally unique identifiers is provided by ESF GmbH without any liability for correctness.